New: RIMA Training Courses

RIMA aims to increase awareness of the capabilities and capacities of robots. This lack of understanding is particularly valid in the field of inspection and maintenance. There is a need to explain to stakeholders in the I&M industry WHAT robots can do and HOW robots can help them: robot capabilities and non-capabilities, the role of humans in semi-automated work, initial costs and running costs, risks removed and risks introduced, how to interpret the data generated by the robot system, how to develop a sustainable business model, etc.

RIMA offers special trainings to various stakeholders across the value chain within robotics for I&M. The following courses will be available via RIMA:

  • Financing Robotics in I&M
  • Overview of Robotics Technologies in I&M
  • Innovation Management and Developing New Robot Technologies
  • Optimising your I&M Technologies
  • Working with Robots in I&M jobs
  • Upcoming Technologies in I&M
  • Working with VR and Simulation in Robotics


Stay tuned for dates and locations of the RIMA courses!