Best practises


These service categories aim to create regional, inter-regional, national and international environments where SMEs, larger industries, competence centres, system integrators and technology transfer centres share knowledge and experience in order to establish fruitful collaborations. This includes to, e.g., share relevant knowledge and experience specifically to create market and technological awareness among the different actors and strengthen the industrial environment.


Strategy Development

The community building service is fundamental to connecting DIH partners in the region to relevant actors within the value chain both within and outside the region.

In this service category, DIHs can provide support to the public and industrial sector with regards to market awareness and future directions of the market. 


Representation, Promotion

This category of services focuses on increasing the knowledge within the ecosystem of partners of a DIH on aspects relevant for I&M robotics. Such knowledge includes end-user needs, upcoming relevant technologies, funding opportunities, business development, and more.

This service category encompasses dissemination activities aiming at advertising and promoting the companies, organizations, and activities in the DIH ecosystem to stakeholders both within and outside the DIH ecosystem