Best practises


These encompass key aspects of establishing know-how and new projects and leading them to commercialization. Thus, skills and education provide the foundation in terms of technical and business knowledge. Services connected to project development, access to finance, incubator/accelerator support and offering housing focus on creating activities that can realize knowledge into market-ready products and services.  

Incubator/Accelerator Support

Access to

Services linked to incubator/accelerator support includes e.g. that a DIH can support start-ups with strategies on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) including patenting strategies and business development. DIHs can also give input on market needs as the DIH may have close connections to potential customers.

DIH services for accessing financing to companies and public organisations are primarily through research grant applications. These competition-based grants can be either regional/national funding or come from the EU.

Skills and Education

Project Development

Research, industry and academia need education to be relevant and up to date so personnel attain a skillset relevant for I&M robotics. 

Project development encompass how to establish new projects. Different kinds of projects require different approaches to project developments.

Offering Housing

This service focuses on the possibility to offer infrastructure to small promising companies which need support in the initial phase of their activities.